“I was standing at a crossroads, feeling confused and helpless (before). I wanted to find my way, my future direction.  So, I can only say that it’s like magic! That tool for my wishes and dreams - they always come true! I know my direction now and I know what I want for the next few years. I got more than I expected! I was so surprized about my real goals! And there are no more dark ghosts from the past. I feel lighter and clearer and positive now.” AH, 2017

“I’ve learnt so much and I’m a much stronger person now. I did a job that I didn’t like. Back then, I would have procrastinated for weeks about something, now I just do it. I’m a lot more focussed. There was a big fear of failing which often stopped me doing things.

Now, I have the best boss in the world, she likes my ideas and creativity (in new job). This is a real change from the past"  SH, 2014

“Yes, I really changed. I now know that I have many skills and my strengths and I know my direction better now. I am more confident about my own abilities now. The exercises were easy and not much effort to do. It’s good to have the timeline, some concrete steps about the future and planning.”  PW, 2017

"Dear Nazish,

I wanted to tell you that I found the love of my life here, and it is possible thanks to your work. I was just reviewing the exercises you made me do one year ago, the list of negatives in a man that I decided not to accept anymore and transform it to positive, the ones that I really want, and Mr X has got all of them and much more! And even more, it helped me to integrate these positives in myself too. The way you conducted me and how gentle you were touching my "negative dragons", really helped me to heal this part of my life. I was very open to receiving help to change my  tendency to have pain in my relationships, and you made it.  So I feel blessed with him, my life is completely different and more authentic, and that is because of you too.

Great job, Nazish, brilliant!. Really worth it."

Women's Health Physiotherapy Specialist,  AAV, 2019

“I'd had a long break away from working after maternity leave and was unsure of my next steps, or even of my ability to realise my professional potential. With your structured support I've not only figured out where my strengths and passions really lie, but can also see a way to use them to advance my career and do something I can really get excited about. Thanks Nazish!”  MH, 2009

"I am so happy that I now have my second job in public sector. Thank you so much for the pep talk before. I used the techniques in the interview like you said! I really admired the way you handled me when I was in such a negative mood. Thank you again. I think that meeting you and having life coaching sessions is definitely one of the best things I have ever done. You are doing a great job!


I am over the moon and I handed in my notice and have my official letter from the new employer. I am starting on Tuesday! :)

The life coaching has been amazing! I can't believe I now have a job doing something I really want, with much better money and not even far from home!

Thank you so much for the interview practise and stuff, I really did feel so much more confident after that!


Yippie!!!! I got a first informal meeting in X Company, see following email. I am so excited! Thanks for your amazing help!"

University Liaison Officer, SH, 2010-14