Manifesting Sunflowers: How Thoughts Become Reality

Manifesting Sunflowers: How Thoughts Become Reality

I am not a keen gardener and this story is not about growing sunflowers.  This photo shows my front patio being overrun with weeds and was taken in the summer of 2009.  A fine example of my gardening skills, there on display for the whole  neighbourhood to see.


A couple of months earlier, I remember looking down and noticing three little shoots coming through amongst the weeds.  I remember thinking that those shoots look a lot like sunflower plants but how could that be?  Are sunflowers weeds?  Do they grow everywhere, like dandelions or daisies?  Well, I decided not to pull them out and just wait and see. 


Then, soon enough, there they were!  Three little sunflower stems with tiny buds pushing their way up along the side of my front wall!  How on earth had they managed to grow through that tiny crack between the house wall and the patio bricks, I just don’t know!


I was totally astounded, and not because that these heavy stemmed plants had pushed their way through the brick work, but the fact that they had appeared in exactly that particular spot!  

The reason being, only the summer before in 2008, I had been planning a little make-over for the front patio and was considering pulling up a row of the paving bricks along the front wall edge and making a nice little flower bed there.  I distinctly remember thinking, ‘I would love to have some sunflowers growing there. They would look great up against the front wall of my house’.  


But as usual, I did nothing about it and was much too busy to take care of the gardening.  However, as if by magic, the very next year I had sunflowers growing in exactly the spot that I had imagined them to be! 


Eventually, only one plant survived out of the three and grew tall, strong and produced one beautiful flower head.  The crack through which it had grown was only a few millimetres wide.  It seemed impossible that it could have sustained such a large, heavy plant.  But I did not need to give it any extra support.  


Now, I have always loved sunflowers.  But just to be clear, I never planted any sunflowers in those outside pots.  Neither had I mislaid some edible seeds or thrown out some old sunflowers anywhere nearby, during the years I had lived at that house.


Every day, I would leave for work and be reminded of how completely amazing its existence was.  So... how did this happen?  


For those that understand this kind of phenomenon, it is a perfect example of ‘manifesting’ something that you want.  For you sceptics, I would ask the question, ‘how come it was sunflowers and not any other flowers? And why should it grow in that particular spot and not anywhere else on the front drive?  Why not in my back garden or along my neighbour’s fence?  Is it really just random? Coincidence?


It is ofcourse, truly remarkable how our thoughts can change our world and even the smallest things in our lives.  It is even more incredible that just a simple, wistful thought could have turned into reality without any effort.  And it is a testament to how a non-gardener could manifest sunflowers!

Written by Nazish S. Qazi on 22/03/2015