Coaching Steps

"The journey of a thousand miles

begins with a single step.” 

Lao Tzu

A Plan, a Process and a Push

How Coaching Works

Coaching Stages

Coaching sessions are one-to-one meetings held either face to face, by telephone or by online (Skype).  There are several key steps in the coaching process which include:

  1. First you will have an initial consultation to discuss your particular requirements and aims.  It will give you a chance to ask questions, understand the process and have a ‘taster’ of coaching.  This is a free consultation and usually takes 30-45 minutes.  Then you can decide if you wish to go ahead with the coaching and there is no obligation to continue.
  2. The next step is the first coaching session during which we will discuss your goals, wishes and particular needs or problems.
  3. Step three is to write a Plan of action together with your Coach.  This is a step-by-step Plan which will be designed with your specific goals, a systematic break down of objectives, actions, details and a time-frame that will fit your life style. 
  4. Then we can begin the coaching. Usually, each session takes approximately 1-2 hours depending on your needs and you decide the number of sessions you need.
  5. There will be regular self assessments of progress and overall evaluation of your goals.  You will decide if you are satisfied and if you are making the progress you need.  Or you may need to re-assess your goals and change direction.
  6. In some cases, clients have other needs which may arise such as seeking the help of other professionals.  For example, to meet with a financial planner, psychiatrist, doctor or lawyer.
  7. At the end, you will decide whether you have achieved your goals for the coaching.  Then you may continue with further sessions if you want to pursue more goals. 

Important points about coaching:

Coaching sessions are best conducted in a private place such as your home or office meeting room where you will not be disturbed.  Cafes and restaurants are best avoided due to a lack of privacy.  Or you could have online sessions using Skype if it is easier.

Between the sessions, there may be a need for short communications by telephone or email which are included in the price. 

During the coaching process you may find that you learn much in between the sessions when you start applying your new skills and knowledge.  As you raise your awareness, you may find positive changes happening unexpectedly!

You will be given tasks to complete in your own time such as researching a job role, writing notes, practical exercises at home or even clearing out the wardrobe! 

Coaching is only for those that are fully committed to making a change in their lives.  You only get something out of it if you are willing to put some effort in.

If you are at all dissatisfied with the service you may terminate your sessions at any time. One-to-one coaching is a completely confidential service provided in accordance with the best practice guidelines set by the Psychological Society and Life Coaching Associations.  All coaching is provided with the understanding that you take full responsibility for your actions and any outcomes thereafter.  All your personal information is held in a secure and safe place as confidential files.