Life Learning for Good

  “We cannot teach people anything.  We can only help them discover it within themselves”  -  Galileo Galilei

What is Life Coaching?

A life coach is similar to a sports coach but for your life.  It is someone who motivates and guides you to improve your mind, body, health, spirit and work life.  Coaching can help get you from where you are now to wherever you want to be by changing yourself and your performance.

Coaching is not counselling, psychotherapy, mentoring or an advisory service. It does not just dwell on previous experiences and problems or talking about theoretical ideas.  Coaching works on the principle of moving forward towards a goal and finding ways that work for you. 

A personally designed programme of activities will be planned and agreed with you at the start. This Plan will run at your own speed and learning level and will include a strategy, practical tools, techniques and exercises.  You will choose a time-frame which fits in with your routine and meet regularly with your Coach.  As you develop, you will regularly evaluate your own progress and make any changes that you need.

All coaching sessions are held as one-to-one meetings, in an unbiased and safe environment. You decide how much personal information you wish to share.

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Who is Coaching For?

Life coaching is for everyday people with everyday needs.  Your background, status levels or job does not matter.  For example, you may be a student at college, a home-maker, an employed person, a senior director or a retired person.  The principles used in coaching are the same for everyone.

However, if you have a serious psychological condition or a mental disorder history, then it is better for you to consult your doctor first and a clinical psychotherapist or counsellor for your particular needs.  Personalized coaching is only for adults over the age of 18. So if you have children that need coaching, it is recommended that you find a coach who specializes in working with children.

Jivon Deesha offers life coaching for people who genuinely want to make a change in their lives and not for people who simply want another ‘pastime’.  You will not get the results you want if you are not fully committed or only ‘partly interested’.  Therefore, you must be completely sure you want to make a change in your life, even if you are not sure of what that change is going to be.

How Can Coaching Help You?

You will receive guidance, tools based on psychological methods and the right motivation to make the changes you REALLY want.  Coaching focuses on helping you to identify the changes, remove barriers, create your own solutions that are in harmony with your life and reach your particular goals.

Most clients report that they find changes in their lives that they once thought impossible!  They often get some real 'ah ha' moments and some say they have a deep shift in self understanding. 

Following are some examples of the areas that clients often want to improve.  These topics will give you an idea about what coaching can give you in your life.

Examples of Goals for Life Coaching Sessions:

Work Life

Have a better work/life balance

Increase motivation and positivity

Manage time and be more organised

Become more assertive and empowered

Public speaking and presentations

Handle manager / colleague relationships better

Manage staff or teams better

Increase performance and productivity

Career Change

Write professional CV’s, letters and job applications

Change jobs or change career

Find a job after a long break

Interview successfully

Create a winning career path

Find the dream job

Personal Life

Improve sense of self and identity

Release old history and painful experiences

Become fitter and healthier

Stop smoking, drinking or other bad habits

Reduce stress and anxiety

Be less angry, sad or upset by life

Manage their own money better

Become more positive and motivated

Love and Relationships

Better self image / body image

Improve  self-understanding and confidence

Develop attraction and allure

Making contact with new people

Successful dating

Change negative relationship behaviours

Enrich personal relationships

Spirit and Higher Self

Develop greater awareness of your core self

Define your inner persona

Become more ‘in tune’ and find true harmony

Increase intuition and perception

Improve your connection to the ‘higher self’

Learn how to use the ‘law of attraction’

Realize your own true purpose in life