About Your Coach

Nazish Shameem Qazi

MSc. Occupational Psychology

A Way of Life

Life Coaching, training and writing is not my 'occupation' and I don't consider it to be 'work'.  It is more of a ‘pre-occupation’ or rather, a reason for being.  Today, I am happy and grateful to say that my company Jivon Deesha has been successfully delivering its services since 2006. 

A Natural Niche

In 1996 I started working at YMCA Training and found my true niche.  I realised that providing guidance, coaching and training to people, are skills that come naturally for me.

Since then, I have been specialising in the field of personal development, professional soft skills and life skills whilst continuing to grow, learn and develop my skills and knowledge. 

Over the years, I have had the privilege of working with many kinds of people; from senior managers, staff groups, teams and individuals in business, to developing life skills with vulnerable adults, youth with behavioural problems and unemployed people with low motivation.

International Experience

I have enjoyed working with many companies to help train and develop their staff and clients such as Hertfordshire Council, Essex Council, YMCA Training, Kinesis Training, Crown College, Clearsprings Group Ltd and BAE Systems in the UK.


In Germany, I worked with Siemens, Adidas, VR Bank, SBK and various small and medium businesses to provide training programs and one-to-one coaching.  I am now happily settled in Tenerife, Spain and enjoying an easier pace of life whilst still continuing my services online and face-to-face.

Coming from an Asian background, I had spent most of my life living in the UK and grew up in a multicultural environment.  I have also travelled worldwide and in my younger days worked abroad on cruise ships along with many different nationalities.


In 1998, I returned to University to pursue one of my long-held dreams.  This was the turning point in my life when I discovered my true purpose.  I turned my career 180° and started out on a new direction in life.  After four tough years of study, I achieved my Psychology (BSc) and Occupational Psychology Masters degrees (MSc). 

My MSc qualification allows me to use psychologically based principles in my work such as assessing client’s requirements, administering psychological interventions and analysing behaviour. I am also highly intuitive and use my perceptual understanding to naturally ‘tune in’ to my clients and students.

Other courses I have studied include NLP training, Training for the Trainer, Effective Communication and the Silva Mind Method. My personal learning is ongoing and much of the ‘life skills’ have been acquired through reading, practicing, applying new techniques on myself and clients as well as learning experientially through my clients.

Prior Experience

Since 1989, after finishing at Art and Design college, I started work and gained ten years of valuable  experience within various commercial sectors.  These included working in retail, wholesale, manufacture, local government, banking, life insurance, health services, travel and hospitality and charity organisations. 

Although, these customer service and administrative roles was not my true career destination, they gave me the perfect foundation, knowledge and experience for becoming an experienced Life, Career and Business coach.  I acquired a breadth of knowledge within many industrial disciplines, products, processes, cultures and business behaviours.