About Purpose

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of

what you really love. It will not lead you astray.”   -  Rumi

Why Coaching?

You may ask ‘why Life Coaching’?  Why do you do this kind of work?  The answer is simple: Because I believe in YOU and your power to have all that you want in life.  I have learned the easy ways to make a fulfilling life and I want to show you how! 

Life does not need to be hard work, stressful or a constant battle. There is a simpler way but you have probably never been shown ‘how’.  Our schooling, work, society and community are all pre-conditioned to make us believe things such as not being good enough, working very hard means success, getting little pay, life is a struggle, relationships are difficult, etc, etc.  All these are negative and limiting beliefs.

However, I have found the ways to overcome such obstacles and break the patterns.  I have learned the secrets, applied the knowledge and am very thankful for the amazing, simple and fulfilling life that I am rewarded with now.

Today, my work is my passion which is all about showing people how to make their lives happier, more meaningful and easier.  I live, breathe and believe that life can be full of joy and all that is good.  So teaching you the secrets to creating a richer, happier and more comfortable life, makes my life worthwhile. My purpose is to help you discover and live your life purpose.


Jivon Deesha literally translated means ‘life path /vision’ and was established in 2006.  My business is dedicated to helping people of all levels and backgrounds, to fulfill their own personal goals, release negative beliefs and blocks and create the life they truly desire.


Whether it is a small step, a big shift or a life changing leap, everyone needs a little support and help in life. The aim is to help people who truly want to make a change in their lives by showing them how to:


  • Realize own aspirations
  • Create own ideas and solutions
  • Remove negative barriers
  • Learn how to achieve goals

A Simple Approach

You will get down-to-earth advice and techniques that take you step-by-step through the changes you want to make.  I will show you the 'how' to do things and apply what you learn to real life.  This means you won’t just get interesting theoretical knowledge but practice what you learn in user-friendly ways. 


There are four basic principles:

  • Easy to apply methods and tools
  • Realistic and achievable action plans
  • Fair prices
  • Effective long term results


Being flexible is key therefore, all coaching and learning activities are designed uniquely in a ‘client centred’ way.  Your learning will take place at a time, pace and level that suits you. Most of my techniques are well researched, tested and always served with a good dose of humour and intuitive understanding.


The learning methods are definitely not just customized off-the-shelf solutions.  Training plans are written and designed to suit the individual's needs or in business, with a good understanding of culture, structure and organizational functions.