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Fantastic Feedback from Clients

Since some month I am lucky to take part at the English lesson lead by the likeable Shameem Klein. Beside her ability to select always interesting topics around the daily business backround she presents a good combination of speaking, reading and lissening meanwhile the lessons.

Remarkable is her nature to create a good and easy mood at the lessons, that helps really to learn easily in a good atmosphere. I think this belongs to her education and long experience and knowledge of working with people coaching them in different life situations. My point of view is that this is a perfect combination for a teacher you can feel it at any lesson.


Ich freue mich seit einigen Monaten an dem Englischunterricht der sympatischen Shameem Klein teilzunehmen. Neben der Fähigkeit immer wieder interessante Themen um den Kursinhalt Kommunikation im Geschäftsumfeld herum zu finden, ist die Kombination von Sprechen, Zuhören und Lesen prima.  Bemerkenswert ist die Art und Weise wie es Ihr gelingt den Untericht in einer angenehmen Atmosphäre und Stimmung zu gestalten, sodass einem das Lernen etwas leichter fällt. Ich denke das hat viel mit Ihrer Ausbildung und langjährigen Erfahrung als Beraterin für unterschiedliche Lebenslagen zu tun. Eine tolle kombinierte Wissensgrundlage für einen Lehrer, was sich auch positiv auf den

Unterricht auswirkt.

 Engineering Project Manager, FS. 2012

Ana A Vidal
Karo H

It was a great time for me with you, you are a great teacher. That is my personal and real opinion. I think it was a useful course for me.

Assistant Hotel Manager, EF, 2014

From the moment I first met Nazish to the present I have been made to feel totally at ease, both at the initial interview and throughout the modules she has taught on the PPD course. Her calm, caring and tolerant attitude is reflected in the delivery of lectures and when speaking on a one to one basis. The content of the course is challenging, interesting and presented in a professional manner combined with elements of fun and humour, which really helps em to relax as some topics can be very intense. All in all, Shameem has made what is a very difficult period in my life easier to deal with whilst teaching me about many ideas, thoughts and feelings I had never considered before. Thanks.

Rehabilitated alcoholic, JN. 2004

Dear Nazish,

I wanted to tell you that I found the love of my life here, and it is possible thanks to your work. I was just reviewing the exercises you made me do one year ago, the list of negatives in a man that I decided not to accept anymore and transform it to positive, the ones that I really want, and Mr X has got all of them and much more! And even more, it helped me to integrate these positives in myself too. The way you conducted me and how gentle you were touching my "negative dragons", really helped me to heal this part of my life. I was very open to receiving help to change my  tendency to have pain in my relationships, and you made it.  So I feel blessed with him, my life is completely different and more authentic, and that is because of you too. 

Great job, Nazish, brilliant!. Really worth it.

Women's Health Physiotherapy Specialist,  AAV, 2019

"Nazish is an exceptional professional. Her use of creative methods in our sessions made it easy for me to relate and remember the concepts she was imparting. She is very organised; regularly following up and checking progress. I would recommend her service to anyone who has hit a career or personal rut and needs assistance to visualise and realign goals for the future or strayed off the track. She is adaptable, courteous, very knowledgeable and delivers as promised. I was and remain thoroughly impressed with her service and with her as an individual."

Service Category: Career Coach

Year first hired: 2007- hired more than once

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Catering Company Director, VH, 2007

You are amazing! The affirmations exercise really made a change. I was not happy in my job (before).  Since then, (after training course) I love my job and my colleagues, I’m happier with my work. In the past, I thought I wasn’t good enough but now I think I can do it all!

AH, Standards Officer, 2016

Good well trained “Training” Instructor, who delivers her work with real commitment, dedication, passion and consideration. Very understanding of people’s needs and requirements. Willing to give up her breaks to reassure individuals uncertain of their capabilities, confidence, self worth, esteem, etc. Long may she continue in her job.

Rehabilitated alcoholic, DA. 2004

I am a senior manager of a global brand. I have been learning a business English from Shameem over the year. She is one of the greatest teacher with superb coaching skills, understanding the needs and knowing how to leverage the potential of students to the next level. She is a visionary, a great motivator and holistic life coach. It is real fun learning from her.

Thank you so much!!


I had one of the best lesson in my life today!!! Thank you soooo much. ;)

Senior Designer, ST, 2013

I am so happy that I now have my second job in public sector. Thank you so much for the pep talk before. I used the techniques in the interview like you said! I really admired the way you handled me when I was in such a negative mood. Thank you again. I think that meeting you and having life coaching sessions is definitely one of the best things I have ever done. You are doing a great job!   


I am over the moon and I handed in my notice and have my official letter from the new employer. I am starting on Tuesday! :)

The life coaching has been amazing! I can't believe I now have a job doing something I really want, with much better money and not even far from home!

Thank you so much for the interview practise and stuff, I really did feel so much more confident after that!


Yippie!!!! I got a first informal meeting in X Company, see following email. I am so excited! Thanks for your amazing help!

University Liaison Officer, SH, 2010-14

Yes, I have done it!!! I sit my first interview here in X and it was really great! That interview gives me really more self confidence!!!


Thank you again for your amazing work you have done with me!!! I really fell much better since Monday, our last coaching! I am still very nervous, but now in a positive way with a lot of energy!


Thank you, for your lovely email and your fantastic help within the last weeks! You are a gorgeous coach!!! I really enjoyed working with you too!


Yippie!!!! I got a first informal meeting. I am so excited!Thanks for your amazing help!


Thank you for the great and effective morning!!!

I am really pleased to have you as a coach and work with you!

Landscape Architect, SH, 2012


Excellent – truly excellent! I initially found the idea of any re-training very difficult, but thanks to Nazish’s highly contagious enthusiasm and dedication, the training proved to be 100% palatable and professional. All coaching was carried out with great sensitivity and empathy and has helped my progress enormously. The guidance was thorough, professional, useful and wise. Always given in a thoughtful and friendly way. Her attitude has helped restore the positive sides that I need to work on and to re-develop. I am an improved person thanks to Shameem’s input and dedication.

Retired BBC Editor, RW. 2005